Commonwealth family to come together in solidarity to help Fiji

Dear Member Organizations,

Greetings from the Commonwealth Association of Architects!

Hope all is great at your end.

This is in reference to Fiji. As you all know that unfortunately , Fiji has been severely affected by tropical Cyclone Yasa. It caused heavy destruction to infrastructure, buildings and agricultural areas. The Government of Fiji speaks of hundreds of millions of dollars. It was the strongest storm in the basin since TC Winston in 2016 and the strongest in the cyclone season 2020 – 21.

Based on the secondary data analysis of the cyclone track, there are about 145,000 people within the area with wind speed higher 120km/h. About 130,000 are in the northern division. WFP’s initial vulnerability assessment indicates that approximately 70,000 people in the 3 provinces of the northern division are economically vulnerable.The infrastructure has been really destroyed by the tropical Cyclone Yasa.

The Commonwealth Secretariat has activated its rapid response protocols to mobilise support for the disaster response and recovery effort underway in Fiji. Comsec has been advised that the areas of immediate need relate to concerns over availability of appropriate shelter, water / sanitation / hygiene, food security, safety and communications technology. 

The Commonwealth-accredited organisations have been asked if they are able to offer practical resources or immediate assistance to Fiji in any of these areas.We would like to request our Member Organisations if they can help people of Fiji.Please reply to the Commonwealth Association of Architects secretariat at  [email protected].

This is a moment for the Commonwealth family to come together in solidarity with one of our family members. We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !

Ar  Maira Khan





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