Letter to IIMA to stop the demolition of Louis Kahn’s Dormitories

Dear Member Organisations,
Greetings from the Commonwealth Association of Architects!
This is regarding the recent announcement by IIMA to demolish 14 of the 18 dormitory buildings designed by Louis Kahn, on the IIMA campus. We have drafted a letter that we would like to circulate widely across ‘a diverse, local, and global community of architects, academics, cultural critics, and historians’. The goal is to bring overbearing pressure on IIMA to stop this senseless demolition, and adopt a comprehensive conservation plan for the campus.

We very much hope you will sign this letter, and forward it to anyone whose voice would make a difference. The link is ‘open’ so anyone with the link should be able to sign.


For further details you can view the articles the link to which are attached below.https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/14935-buildings-in-louis-kahns-indian-institute-of-management-in-ahmedabad-set-to-be-demolished

Happy New Year 2021!
Thank you and regards,