Benevolent Fund

The NIA BENEVOLENT FUND, the Charity and Humanitarian arm of the Institute, is now operational in view of the growing concerns regarding NIA members who had either been active or passive but maintained their financial status over the years. The Institute has become aware of the unfortunate plight of some of these members who now find their daily living threatened by diverse unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, as they need urgent assistance to see them through the trying times.

The goals and objectives of the NIA align with the global actions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In September, 2019, the UN Secretary General called on all sectors to mobilize for a Decade of Action (2020-2030) which calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to the world’s biggest challenges ranging from poverty and gender inequality, to climate change and closing the finance gap, with the theme being “Leave No One Behind”.

Furthermore, in an urgent response to the prevailing economic climate, it has become quite pertinent to extend a “helping hand” to our affected colleagues both qualitatively and quantitatively in these dire times.


  1. Architects living with chronic diseases leading to declining health issues.
  2. Architects living with the debilitating plights of Ageing.
  3. Architects suffering from the adverse effects of bereavement.
  4. Architects who have fallen on hard times due to physical and material losses from automobile accidents, or incidents such as a fire, and others.
  5. Any other equally devastating unforeseen circumstances beyond control but not yet defined and captioned in the above.


  1. A one-off donation
  2. A structured periodic donation as you choose to adopt
  3. Any other kind of qualitative and quantitative support you may find convenient
  4. A COVID-19 RELIEF DONATION, to ease the burden of the cost of living of those identified for this type of urgent PALLIATIVE. (Please note that various COVID-19 Relief Drives and Packages have been planned).

Kindly pay to the account details below:

Account Name                   – NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS

Bank                                    – GT Bank

Account Number               – 0589645037

For further details, please visit

Your immense support of the initiative and kind donations are sincerely appreciated. BENEVOLENT FUND CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE MEMBERS

1Arc. Mobolaji Adeniyi, fnia, 2nd Vice President - Chairman0803 501 1037
2Arc. Sani Saulawa, fnia, 3rd Vice President0803 786 1856
3Arc. Moradeke Okunrinboye, fnia - HGS0803 314 4029
4Arc. Sunday A. Odetoye, fnia - National Treasurer0803 396 0469
5Arc. Chioma Wogu-Ogbonna, fnia - National PRO0803 700 5470
6Arc. Olubukunola Ejiwunmi, fnia, ppnia0803 305 9006
7Arc. Yinka Williams, mnia - BVF Secretary0805 511 4646
8Arc. Titilayo Adeleye, fnia - BVF Treasurer0803 333 6715
9Arc. (Dr.) Yemisi Suswan, PhD, fnia0806 089 3472
10Arc. Chijioke Okwuowulu, mnia0803 330 8079
11Arc. Bello Aminu, mnia0805 266 4450
12Arc. Kole Babalola, fnia0803 328 8990
13Arc. Ayo Edun, fnia0810 537 7850
14Rear Admiral (Arc.) Itunu Hotonu, fnia0803 312 0754
15Arc. Olaronke Ajayi, fnia0803 438 9097
16Arc. Chike Ibeanu, fnia0803 596 6966
17Arc. Goke Omigbodun, fnia0803 377 7549
18Arc. Bode Gbolade, fnia0803 600 3729
19Arc. Iyabo Oyewole, mnia0817 431 8121
20Arc.Femi Lola Oyenekan, mnia0802 623 0404
21Arc.Femi Lola Oyenekan, mnia0802 623 0404
22Arc. Bisi Olumide, mnia0802 321 4749
23Arc. Nike Aduloju, mnia0705 556 1006
24Mr. Godswill Akpan0803 707 6478
25Arc. Murtala Babaji, mnia0803 284 6688 BENEVOLENT FUND (BVF) STATE REPRESENTATIVES

1ABIA Arc. Eneogwe I. Chukwuemeka, mnia 0703 490 8810
2ABUJA Arc. Charity Okoligwe-Obi, mnia 0803 700 3616
3ADAMAWA Arc. Bala Baba, mnia 0803 632 4889
4AKWA IBOM Arc. Enobong B. Equere, mnia 0815 834 0494
5ANAMBRA Arc. Sir Amobi Nwafor, mnia 0803 575 1764
6BAUCHI Arc. Ali Dauda Madu, mnia 0802 834 0442
7BAYELSA Arc. Salolomo Itaribo Lucky, mnia 0803 669 0483
Arc. Nguvan Kyenge, mnia 0806 964 3439
10CROSS RIVERS Arc. Nwafor Somadina, mnia 0703 295 6156
11DELTA Arc. Amromanoh O. Pius, mnia 0806 616 0701
12EBONYI Arc. Adokieze Ugwu, mnia 0803 635 7593
13EDO Arc. Paul A. Iyawe, fnia 0803 713 3876
14EKITI Arc. Ayodele Ajayi, mnia 0803 381 2836
15ENUGU Arc. Chukwunonso S. Abanobi, mnia 0803 529 8561
17IMO Arc. Chief G. C. E. Orgor, fnia 0810 820 2100
18JIGAWA Arc. Abdullahi J Agyo-Ladan, mnia 0703 677 7203
19KADUNA Arc. Dr. Josiah G. Dzingina, mnia 0909 618 0155
20KANO Arc. Bashir Hassan Hanga, fnia 0803 349 3179
21KATSINA Arc. Abdussalam Liadi, fnia 0803 386 1772
22KEBBI Arc. Manir Musa Jega 0803 412 1212
23KOGI Arc. John Attah, mnia 0803 359 6252
24KWARA Arc. Joseph J. Olu, fnia 0805 595 7725
25LAGOS Arc. Adeoti Akintayo, fnia 0803 325 0079
26NASARAWA Arc. Aliyu I. E. Kuyanbana, mnia 0806 535 6503
27NIGER Arc. Rachael T. Suleman, mnia 0806 571 0857
28OGUN Arc. Seyi Abatan, mnia 0803 337 4193
29ONDO Arc. Adetunji A. Bello, mnia 0803 439 1119
30OSUN Arc. Bolaji Ojokuku, mnia 0703 517 4197
31OYO Arc. Afolabi Aedeji, fnia 0806 002 0100
32PLATEAU Arc. Dr. Auwal Umar, mnia 0803 595 6024
33RIVERS Arc. Ekikere Ibanga, mnia 0803 310 2030
34SOKOTO Arc. S. G. Matankari, fnia 0803 400 0719
37ZAMFARA Arc. Ibrahim Yusuf Chafe, mnia 0806 387 3282