UIA Newsletter – 16 MARCH 2021

The month of March marks the beginning of the 27th UIA World Congress with the introduction of 12  digital conferences on the four thematic axes of the Congress: Diversity & MixtureWeaknesses & InequalitiesChanges & Emergencies and Transience & Flows. The discussions, 100% online, free & global, will invite debate and discussion from experts from around the world and will be accessibles one week per month: 22-25 March18-21 April, 16-19 May20-23 June and 18-22 July.See the programme and register here
LAST CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: 2 APRIL 2021Every three years on the occasion of its triennial World Congress, the UIA attributes the UIA Gold Medal and five prizes. Council and Bureau members as well as Member Sections are reminded that the deadline for submitting candidatures to the 2021 UIA Triennial Gold Medal & Prizes is fast approaching on 2 April. Candidatures must be submitted through the UIA Prize Platform See the regulations here
UNESCO-UIA WORLD CAPITAL OF ARCHITECTURE E-BOOKSThe city of Rio de Janeiro27th UIA World Congress host and the first-ever UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture (WCA), has published 6 bilingual e-books (Portuguese and English) as part of its efforts to promote the WCA programme. The books include contributions submitted by architects and experts from around the world featuring discussions on a wide variety of topics including an in-depth look at Rio, the future of post-coronavirus urban spaces, the importance of cultural heritage for the identity of cities and sustainable practices in urban areas.More information
UIA PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE COMMISSION: CALL FOR CONTENT  The UIA Architectural Practice Around the World (APAW) database, an initiative of the UIA Professional Practice Commission (PPC), has been remodelled to more effectively respond to the needs of UIA Member Sections and architects globally. Member Sections are invited to enter information about architectural practice in their countries and encourages them to promote the database on their own websites and communication platforms.More information on the UIA Professional Practice Commission
Student-led workshops: Rammed Earth (left) and Bamboo (right) from Traditional Building Methods, New Adaptations at University of Washington – Seattle
RESULTS ANNOUNCED: UIA INNOVATION IN ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION AWARDOn 24 January, the jury for the inaugural UIA Innovation in Architectural Education Award met virtually to evaluate 16 submitted projects from 9 countries on 4 continents. The award was organised by the UIA Education Commission and launched in November 2019, to celebrate innovation across cultural and geographic boundaries and to promote inspiring pedagogical practices contributing to the creation of sustainable environments. The Jury awarded 4 entries and further identified 3 entries to be commended for their inspiring proposals.See the press release
LEBANON: BEIRUT DECLARATIONThe Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut organised a live digital forum from 12 to 14 March to address the crucial issues following the 4 August 2020 explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.With the support of the French governmentUNESCO-LiBeirut and the UIA, the forum gathered together experts to discuss transport and urban mobility, housing, Beirut’s harbour and the preservation of heritage with the aim of creating a master plan for the districts devastated by blast. UIA President Thomas Vonier participated in the closing session on 14 March.More information
REMEMBERING FUKUSHIMA: DESIGN BEYOND DISASTERS  The UIA2011TOKYO World Congress of Architects was held shortly after the historic disaster, Fukushima, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of the UIA’s Japanese Member Section, the Japan Institute of Architects (JIA). Over 5,000 architects and students from around the world met in Tokyo in September 2011 to discuss the sub-themes: environment, culture and life. The Congress concluded with the Tokyo Declaration and a commitment to learn by moving beyond disasters, and to overcome the challenges of the architectural profession while promoting responsibility. See the 2011 Tokyo Declaration
COSTA RICA: XV CONGRESS The Colegio de Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CACR) is holding its XV International Congress of Architecture 2021 with the theme, “Architecture and Democracy” 18, 19 & 20 May 2021. The national and international event is free of charge and will be held virtually for two days with one day on site. It is organised in conjunction with the bicentenary of the creation of the Republic of Costa Rica. Register hereSLOVAKIA: NEW PRESIDENTIgor Teplan is the newly elected president of the Slovak Architects Society (SAS) for the 2021-2023 period. A practicing architect since 1995, Teplan specialises in the reconstruction of historic buildings and the renovation of prefabricated apartment buildings. Active in the SAS since 2009, he was also vice-president for the Central Slovakian region.More information
THESSALONIKI CONFEX PARK INTERNATIONAL COMPETION BEGINS The International Competition for the Thessaloniki Confex Park in Greece has received the official endorsement of the UIA. With the pre-qualification phase having been successfully concluded,  15 multidisciplinary teams received confirmation of their acceptance to the competition phase. The project seeks to redevelop the fairgrounds in the centre of Thessaloniki with the construction of an energy efficient Exhibition & Conference Centre and a new urban park.More information
VELUX DAYLIGHT TALKS WITH UIA SUPPORTOrganised by the VELUX Group in collaboration with individual schools of architecture and endorsed by the UIA, the Daylight Talks explore the significance of natural light in architecture, presenting prominent architects and educators who work consciously and qualitatively with daylight. The inaugural Daylight Talk featured Danish architectural firm LETH & GORI and the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation.In the second Talk, taking place on 18 March at 16:00-17:15 Paris time, under the sponsorship of Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA) in Paris, Thai architect and artist Boonserm Premthada will discuss  his concept of architecture as the “physical creation of an atmosphere, serving to heighten our awareness of our natural surroundings” with architect and professor Jana Revedin. The event concludes with a live Q and A.Register here