IBADAN EXPLOSION: At least 5 architects were affected by the Bizarre calamity that shook the nation.

At least 5 architects were affected by the recent bizarre explosion that rocked the city of Ibadan on Wednesday 17th January 2024. They include the NIA President, Arc Mobolaji Adeniyi whose firm MA & Associate was affected, and Arc. Folu Bademosi, who narrowly escaped from flying boulders which damaged his car.

Others are LEO BIGA & Associates, ACE MALL building, Late Arc. Ojo residence

The explosion which affected houses within a 250m radius was said to have been caused by explosives stored in a house on Aderimola Street by illegal miners.

In a gesture of solidarity, a delegation comprising nine distinguished members, led by Chairman Arc. Olufemi ‘Lola OYENEKAN, accompanied by Arc. Afolabi ADEDEJI fnia, Chair of Library and Publications, Arc. Olaniyi AKINYEMI fnia, Vice Chairman, and others, undertook a compassionate visit to the offices, residences, and properties of those directly impacted.

Arc Oyenekan wrote in one of the Institute’s Social Media Platforms, “Our sympathy is sincere as we reflect upon the unfortunate and preventable incident, and we fervently pray that such a calamity never befalls our community again.”

“It is with gratitude that we report the resilience of the ACE Building, which remains standing unharmed despite initial reports. While acknowledging the varying degrees of impact on other affected structures, we categorize them as “mild” in comparison to the significant losses experienced by some.”

“As we express our thankfulness for the preservation of life, we extend our prayers for enduring safety. The following members’ properties have been affected:”

1. MA & Associate Office

2. Arc. Folu Bademosi fnia Residence

3. LEO BIGA & Associates

4. ACE MALL building

5. Late Arc. Ojo residence

“Our gratitude to God persists, and we pray for the restoration and enhancement of all affected properties. May divine grace accompany you in meeting the immediate needs of restoration process.”

In solidarity and sympathy,

Arc. Olufemi ‘Lola OYENEKAN fnia.

Chairman. NIA Oyo State Chapter

The President of the Nigerian Institute of Architects has also visited the residence of Arc Folu Bademosi in a show of solidarity after the event as shown in picture below




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