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Open in your web browserIn just ten days, activities begin for the 27th World Congress of Architects!There will be three discussion sessions and a livestreamed wrap-up, all exploring the Weaknesses and Inequalities discussion track and with free access. This is first UIA2021RIO OPEN WEEK, running from March 22 – 25.Other content will be published exclusively for Congress attendees.For details on the work of the UIA20201RIO speakers, see the special articles published on its website.The Urban Acupuncture of Fabienne HoelzelFounder of Fabulous Urban, a multidisciplinary firm focused on underdeveloped areas, Suiss architect Fabienne Hoelzel develops several projects to improve the quality of life for residents of Makoko, the world´s largest floating slum, in Lagos, Nigeria.Learn more >>>
“The right to the city is the keynote of the XXI century”For large segments of the population, essential aspects that are missing include mobility, decent housing, security and public utility services. This is why “the XXI century will be a time of struggles for the right to the city and everything related to it,” forecasts historian and sociologist Maria Alice Rezende de Carvalho.Learn more >>>“The architect must become more political”For Alfredo Brillembourg, it must be an architect mission to fight against inequality. Founder of Urban-Think Tank (U-TT), a multidisciplinary office based in Caracas, Venezuela, he is the author of several projects to improve the quality of life in slums and poor neighborhoods.Learn more >>>To learn more, visit the Open Week page at the link below:OPEN WEEK UIA2021RIOIn case of doubts, we have a permanent online communication channel: it is the chat that is on our website.See you soon!UIA2021RIO Executive CommitteeFollow UIA2021RIO on Social Media         Know more about the largest event of Architecture and Urban Planning in the world. Access our site.




A gathering of Architects in the historical site of Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti State provided the backdrop for a memorable experience. The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) is delighted to